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ABUJET Establishes Maxim Minchev Journalistic Award
ABUJET Establishes Maxim Minchev Journalistic Award 21 may 2024

The Bulgarian Association of Travel Journalists and Writers (ABUJET) has established an award in honour of the late Maxim Minchev, long-time director general of the Bulgarian News Agency and ABUJET president, traveler and storyteller. The first award will be presented in the BTA’s MaxiM Hall on June 5, which is Minchev's birthday.  The winners will be journalists and writers actively working to fulfill the goals of ABUJET to help explore the world, including Bulgaria, and to tell about it in the language of international tourism, ABUJET Secretary General Plamen Starev said. The deadline for submitting nominations has expired and each ABUJET member had the opportunity to nominate a colleague considered most worthy of being the first recipient of the award. A seven-member jury will determine the winner. Photos: BTA

58th Fijet Congress in Tunisia
58th Fijet Congress in Tunisia 24 november 2023

The 58th Congress of World Federation of Travel Journalists and Writers (FIJET) was held in Tunisia. Tourism authors and journalists from 23 countries participated to the congress at Tunisia Sheraton Hotel. Tunisian Tourism Minister Selma Elloumi Rekik made a very meaningful speech at the congress and said: “We are proud that the FIJET Congress is being held in our country. We see and appreciate that FIJET works extremely actively to contribute to world tourism. Sustainable tourism is the common goal of all of us. We will make our best to leave a beautiful world for next generations. Tourism contributes to the world economy and peace seriously.” The FIJET President Tijani Haddad pointed out that tourism is an important actor of tolerance and success in the world. He signified that tourism should be permanent and said: “While working in the field of tourism, we must...

Croatian Design X in Sofia
Croatian Design X in Sofia 03 november 2023

Zagreb Design Week is visiting Bulgaria for the first time with the exhibition Croatian Design X – from 1st till 12th of November 2023 at the Espace PORT A Gallery, 5 Triaditsa Str., Sofia. It is an overview of the best contemporary Croatian design from the last decade.  The exhibition is part of the cultural program of the Embassy of the Republic of Croatia to the Republic of Bulgaria on the occasion of Ten years of Croatia's European Union Membership and is organised with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of Croatia and Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia. Croatian Design X is taking place within the sixth edition of the MELBA Design Festival. Visitors are able to see best quality and award-winning Croatian furniture, start-up brands in fashion, jewelry, lighting, home accessories, toys, and...

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