For his project "PhotoSensation" Sava Chapanov received funding under the program "Creative Initiatives" of the National Fund "Culture"

The essence of the project is the creation of an electronic section “PhotoSensation", which will be uploaded and uploaded in the future author's photographs of Sava Chapanov, as well as performances by other artists.

The project

is a new cultural product /photographic art/ in a digital environment. There are no space and time restrictions.

The works of the artists in “PhotoSensation" are in separate subsections: Nature, Documentary, Portraits, Art Photography, Travels, Cultural and Historical Monuments. In the Gallery the authors present themselves with several works.  There is also a short course for the first steps in photography.

Travels present photographers who travel and see the world through their lens. Writers are also given the opportunity to express themselves. In Cultural and Historical Monuments are important for Bulgarian history and culture places such as Tsarevets, Mezek, Rusokastro Old Plovdiv, Tsari Mali grad, Koprivshtitsa and others.

“PhotoSensation" is an open space for communication not only within the boundaries of photography, but also in the fields of history, culture, way of life, traditions, folklore.