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The first Golden Apple for 2018 – to the City of Palermo

In the Resort Village of City of the Sea of Terrasini, within Travelexpo-Global Exchange of the Tourism - the official ceremony is developed for the delivery of the Fijet Golden Apple Award to the City of Palermo - the capital of the Culture 2018. 

The official FIJET delegation was in composition: the President Tijani Haddad, the Chairperson of the Golden Apple Committee Plamen Starev, the vice-president Tina Cubrilo, Stefan Baciu and Gilbert Menne.

The prize was served on the mayor of Palermo prof. Leoluca Orlando for the care for the preservation of the exclusive historical and architectural heritage of Palermo and for the care of the city as anattractive tourist destination.

Palermo is a city-mosaic, of which every enrolls is expression of different worlds, it is a city voted to the construction sincretica of trials interculturali. The right to the culture is understood not only access right to the cultural patrimony, but also as creation of the social and economic conditions for the contemporary artistic expression-it has aggiunto  the Italian president, said Giacomo Glaviano, the president of the host association – FLAI. He added Sicily has great resources and potentiality, the region can play a natural leadership to transform the actual handicraft tourism and fragmented in a true and solid industry of the tourism. 


Tijani Haddad has underlined that Palermo has earned this international distinction for the realization of an important program for the maintenance of its cultural and civic patrimony and for its good exploitation for the tourist promotion. Haddad has underlined the finished efforts to guarantee to this city, with a metropolitan dimension, the essential factors of peace and stability, among which the economic and tourist development, the clean environment and the understanding among all the components of the civil society. 


Prof. Leoluca Orlando thanked for the great award, saying he praised this prize, acknowledging what was achieved, but also as an incentive for even greater efforts to attract tourists and to turn Palermo into an attractive centre of the world's tourist. He said Palermo is the fastest - changing city in the world. Many cities are changing, building new buildings, new neighborhoods, new parks, changing the infrastructure... But Palermo changes the attitude of its citizens. Everyone who lives in Palermo becomes a Palermo resident and complies with the rules of the city. And this change takes place continuously in all the city's inhabitants.

The Golden Apple and the choice of Palermo as European Capital of the Culture for the year 2018 confirmed this important strategy of development. The culture together with the economic development can be the important factor for the peace and the tolerance, concluded the mayor.



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