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Bulgarian association of journalists and travel writers - ABUJET
Association Bulgare des Journalistes et Ecrivains du Tourisme (ABUJET)
Asociación Búlgara de Periodistas y escritores de Turismo

The Belgium journalist Gilbert Menne is the new winner of the FIJET MARCO POLO international award

The Travel Writing Awards “Marko Polo – famous travel writer” were held on 13th of December (Thursday), organised by FIJET Croatia and co-organised by the Croatian Journalism Society’s Tourism Journalists Assembly at the Journalism Home in Zagreb.

This was the 8th edition of awards for travel writers – for domestic journalists for travel articles about Croatia, a special award for a reportage on Zagreb, and for an international journalist and FIJET member for the best reportage from the FIJET congress in 2017.

The intention is to award and entice domestic journalist to write travel articles, stories of Croatian regions, people, customs and traditions, to be used by tourism professionals as an incentive for new content, tourism offer or as motivation for tourists and media promotion of new tourism products and content. The goal is to affirm this specific form of journalism, develop tourism through interesting stories, myths, legends of certain tourism destinations which will attract tourists.

There also exists a desire to entice journalists to focus more on discovering their own country, especially small, undiscovered and interesting destinations, affirming domestic values. Croatia is a small country with many particularities, and a rarity in the world with so much diversity in such a small area.

By commending travel stories and reportage, the organisers wish to embolden local media to give them more space and grow the promotion to a movement developing domestic tourism. The award also has a humane dimension – the enticement and positive sensation for the values and people of Croatia.

The organisers are certain this award, named after the world’s first travel writer Marco Polo, besides making this specific journalism form more popular, will contribute for the new generations of tourism journalists to use their journalistic work as a contribution to the founding idea of this award – confirming what Croatia can offer the world in terms of tourism.

International guests and journalists present at the awards were FIJET President Mr.Tijani Haddad, members of the FIJET Executive Board from Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Turkey,and Croatia, as well as representatives of national FIJET and International  Tourism Film Festival as a partner of Fijet.



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