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Morocco Becomes a Regional Hub for Car Industry

After its Renault factory, the biggest in North Africa,  Morocco will host a PSA Peugeot Citroen plant


Morocco will host a PSA Peugeot Citroen 632 million dollars automobile factory with an initial annual production capacity of 90,000 units.

An Agreement between the French carmaker, Europe’s second-biggest carmaker after Volkswagen AG, and the Government of Morocco was signed on Friday June 19th, 2015  to establish a new production plant in the integrated industrial platform, Atlantic Free Zone in the city of Kenitra.

The new plant to be completed by 2019, will generate 4.500 direct and 20,000 indirect jobs and aims at producing up to 200,000 cars annually for the African and Middle East market.

This project is the second major scale agreement between Morocco and a French automaker, following the establishment of Renault’s factory in 2013 in Tangier. In May 2015, Renault-Nissan celebrated the production of its 400,000th vehicle at its 1.11 billion-dollars plant in Tangier since its inauguration. The Renault factory in Tangier aims at increasing its production capacity to 225,000 vehicles annually as of the end of 2015. Most cars produced are being exported to 63 countries around the globe, in France, Spain, Germany, Egypt, Ghana, and Bulgaria.

Morocco has become a regional hub for the car industry owing to its world-class infrastructure notably in terms of car production and export logistics in addition to the quality of training of its human resources specializing in automobile industry.  

The automotive industry was the main driver of Morocco’s exports in 2012-2014 with sales standing at $4 billion. In the first four months of 2015, there has been a 12 per cent increase from the same period last year. The sector has created 80,000 jobs in Morocco, representing about 10% of the country’s industrial workforce.

The setting up of PSA Peugeot Citroen plant in Morocco which would be the first wholly owned and operated by Peugeot in Africa, is also part of Morocco’s industrial acceleration plan 2014-2020 which lays out a clear vision for the future of industry in Morocco

The plant which will house a research and development center employing 1500 engineers and technicians, will add fresh impetus to the activities of large-scale enterprises in Morocco as well as to small and medium sized enterprises. With this project, Morocco will become the first car manufacturer in North Africa and will position itself in the international automobile industry.



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